Anime 2018

The Anime, Cosplay and Game Festival

15-17 June, World Forum, The Hague

Anime 2018 “Queens of the round stable” will be the 20th instalment of AnimeCon, the best, the biggest and most royal Anime convention in the Netherlands.

The -J-POP Foundations organizes the AnimeCon Festivals, a must for anyone interested in animation, asian culture, cosplay, games or music. Each festival is a 50+ hour whirlwind of entertainment. There will be the best cosplay in the world in Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup (C4) and tons of other cosplay contests. Also a wide selection of bands including top 1 performing artists from Japan. The event program will feature over 150 events. The game rooms feature the newest games and the best classics. The anime video program is longer and more extensive than at any other European convention. The dealer room sells top items that they don’t bring elsewhere. The catering offers extensive choice of Asian food and drinks. And so on, and so on. Check our facebook page or our website for our online program. Anime 2018 will be an event to remember!

The World Forum is easy to reach by multiple tram and bus lines and has a giant underground parking space. As the program runs non-stop from Friday early in the afternoon until the end of the afternoon on Sunday we advise our multi-day visitors to book a room in one of the many nearby hotels. Note that booking a weekend ticket is cheaper than two day tickets and a weekend ticket allows you to stay at the festival throughout the night, as long as you remain awake.

If you haven’t been to AnimeCon yet, now is the time! If you haven’t been to AnimeCon for a while: come see how we have grown! Every year we have new event types, new catering choices and an ever more extensive program with events continuing throughout the night! If you were there last year… well then we don’t need to convince you.